How it Works

  • All Fundraisers are done thru one of David's Cookies distributors. Once you contact us, we will forward your information to the distributor in your area.
  • The Distributor will provide you with all information such as order forms and information on products. They will help you decide when to begin your fundraiser and give you ideas on how you can make it successful.
  • When selling to family and friends, have a letter with you describing how much money you are trying to raise and what the money will be used for. This will help to get people interested in helping your organization.
  • The David's Cookies products are delivered frozen and should be refrigerated or refrozen upon receipt. Be sure to coordinate with your school cafeteria so that the product is kept refrigerated before distribution. The items can be defrosted for 18-24 hrs and then refrozen.
  • Make sure the products are distributed in a timely fashion and that parents and students know that they need to refreeze them.
  • After the fundraiser is completed, you will give all of the information to the distributor you are working with. They will contact us, and we will work directly with the distributor in coordinating delivery on the date you requested.