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Cookie Play Dough in 4 ColorsCookie Play Dough in 4 Colors

  • I recently bought some cookie play dough through a friend who was doing a fundraiser. I have run out and was wondering if I can purchase this product on my own. Please let me know, this has been hours of entertainment for my kids
  • I purchased your play dough cookie dough and my children LOVED making the cookies and eating them. We are also making some for friends and family as a gift. I purchased them as a fund raiser from a friend in Durham, CT. Can you send me information so that I can present it at my daughters school as a fund raiser. I'm sure it will be a hit just like it has been for our family.
  • I was wondering if I am able to order the play dough cookie dough. A friend of mine ordered it from a school fundraiser. I have about 3 people who would like to order.
  • I recently purchased David's Cookie Dough (Playdough pack) from a school sale and loved it. Is there any way I could order or is there somewhere I could purchase this frozen cookie dough? I should have ordered more to keep in my freezer and did not and now I'm sorry. Please say I can order it! :)
  • One of my co-workers brought in a David's fundraiser flyer for her daughter's pre-school. I purchased 3 packages of the "cookie play dough". How can I purchase more of this product - it's great! This would make the most awesome stocking stuffer for the kids in the family. I would gladly purchase a whole case. I live in Lyndhurst and can come and pick it up. Please let me know. Phyliss
  • A friend purchased the Cookie Play Dough for a fundraiser and brought it to my kids. THEY LOVED IT. I am wondering how I can buy this or is it only available through fundraising. It's a hit in my house. Please help. Thank you so much. Kim
  • My kids received some cookie play dough made by your company. I understand that it was bought from a school fundraiser. Is there any other way to get buy some more? I live in Georgia and it was bought in NY. Thank you. Debbie
  • Hi, I recently bought some cookie play dough through a friend who was doing a fundraiser. I have run out and was wondering if I can puchase this product on my own. Please let me know, this has been hours of entertainment for my kids. Thank you. Mindy
  • We bought your Cookie Play Dough from a fund raiser. It was the best unique idea ever. Can we buy more or do we have to wait for a year? My email is . . . Thank-you and have a great day, Kimlyn
  • Is it possible to order the Cookie Play Dough online? It came in a set of four colors. I couldn't find it on your website. I bought some through a fundraiser. It was a huge hit and I would love to buy some more. Cindy
  • I just ordered your cookie play dough from a fundraiser & was wondering if it's available to purchase personally (I couldn't find it on the website). Erica
  • where can you find and how much is your colored cookie dough. i had some at my friends' house and it was so fun! Thank you, Liz

Pre-Portioned Gourmet Cookie DoughPre-Portioned Gourmet Cookie Dough

  • I am a fan of your cookies now that I had the pleasure of trying them after buying some of your "pan and bake" oatmeal and raisin cookies from a child who lives not to far from me for a fundraiser his school was having. Now I would like to know if there is any way to buy your pan and bake " cookies . . .
  • I just want to tell you how good your cookies are. My children loved them, even my 13 month old baby. I've never seen him eat cookies the way he ate yours. I purchased them through a fundraiser and was never exspecting them to be so good. i paid $12.00 for them. At first I thought that was a little too much to pay for some cookies but after I baked them I felt that they were worth the money. The best thing about them is that they did not get hard once they sat for awhile. I was looking on the web site but I did not see the kind I purchased. Do you think you may have "Snikerdoodle" antime in the near future? Thank you for making such a good cookie.anytime my children bring home a fund raiser ,the first thing I will look for is David's Cookies.
  • I am wondering how to buy your frozen box of snickerdoodle cookies. My daughter did a fund raiser at school and they were in that brochure. After seeing your website on the box I was hoping to order some more, but I don't see them here. Do you sell them anywhere else? They are the best tasting I have found. Please let me know.
  • My son's school had a fundraiser and I purchased 2 boxes of frozen cookie dough from you -- chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle. My boys love the snickerdoodle. Can I buy more of this from somewhere?
  • I purchased some of your preformed snickerdoodle dough through a school fundraiser and thought it was absolutely wonderful. I've searcdhed your site on "snickerdoodle" as well as the two numbers on the box, but can't find anything. Can you give me info on how I might purchase more as an individual? Thanks!
  • My husband purchased your snickerdoodle cookies through a fund raiser. He really liked then and would like to purchase more. I don't find them listed. Do you sell the snickerdoodle pan n'bake cookies? Here are the numbers that are on the box , . .
  • I purchased your 3lb box of chocolate chunck cookie dough that was formed into cookies. The box fit perfectly in my freezer. Please consider selling that configuration again for us who have small refrigerators. That was the BEST cookie dough I have ever purchased.
  • I recently purchased a box of pre-cut chocolate chip cookies from my nephew's school fundraiser. They were delicious! Thank you.
  • I recently purchased frozen cookies and brownies thru a fundraiser.the number was 6266 for the coc chip.the cookies were frozen to be cooked but pre cut rounds, not the tubs. Is there anywhere i can find these? much better then the tubs..also the brownies were cooked and just had to be thawed (rocky road and cheesecake brownies) they were delicious. I dont see either on your website..please advise
  • I bought some of your cookies from my son's school. They were the pre-formed frozen cookie dough. Your website was on the box. I am looking at you web site and I don't see that you sell the pre-formed, I only see the tubs for sell. Is the pre-formed frozen cookie dough only for fundraisers? Let me know. By the way, those cookies are great! :) Thank you
  • my family bought a box of your pan n' bake otmeal raisin cookie dought, it was really good. we wanted to order more but were unable to find pan n' bake cookie dough on your web site. can you please e-mail us back and tell us were we might be able to find the pan n' bake cookie dough. Thank you so Much. Andrea
  • I had the BEST cookies that I ordered from a fundraiser this past Christmas. They were pre-rolled, frozen Snickerdoodles and they were some of the best I've had. Why can't I find them online? Can I PLEASE order some? Help! :)
  • My grandson had a Christmas drive at school, on the slip to order was your cookie dough. I got some and it was great, I wanted to order more but I don't see it here on your web site. It came all package, measured in small flat balls, all I had to do was take it out of the box and put on a cookie sheet. It did not come in tubs. Please tell me I can order it from you that way and not in a tub to scoop out. Thanks Gerrie
  • I recently purchased some of your cookie dough (peanut butter, with reeses pieces)from a fund raiser. They were very good. They came it the form of unbaked nuggets. I'd like to have some more, but I do not see them on you web site. I did see the tub of cookie dough, but I prefer the nuggets. thank you Charlene

Scoop and Bake Cookie DoughScoop and Bake Cookie Dough

  • I ordered some of your PB cookies (tub) from a cute little thing that came to my front door selling your products for a fundraiser. Seriously David, I didn't expect it at all. Yours are the best, I say BEST, peanut butter cookies I have ever, and my husband has ever, had. We've shared them with friends and everyone raves over them. Thanks from the bottom of my taste buds.
  • I purchased your froz choc chunk cookie dough from a local school child. I thought it was a bit expensive but after I baked some and my family ate them we loved it . It is well worth the money. Now it is great for me to make dinner and bake nice warm choc chunk cookies for desert right after! thanks for the wonderful desert!
  • I purchased a tub of your cookie dough from a fundraiser at our high school. WOW! It was great! We got the chocolate with white chunk and they didn't last long.
  • Last year this organization sold a different brand and we purchased 3 or four tubs. We ended up throwing most of it away. Not so this year. Of course, I only bought one tub. Figures. Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the cookies.
  • I have purchased several tubs of your frozen cookie dough from a school fundraiser. I wish to buy several more tubs of them as they are so delicious!! would I be able to get them at the fundraiser price? I bought them for $10.00 per tub. Thank you for your time,
  • I ordered three tubs of cookie dough from a co-workers grandchilds school. I have baked all three and they where such a hit. I would like to get four more tubs for Christmas baking and was wondering if that is possible. What a wonderful product you have. With working almost 10 hours a day this saves so times. Thanks and God Bless You.
  • These are absolutley the BEST cookies I have EVER tasted in my entire life!! They surpass Pillsbury by far and I am searching your site now to see where I can purchase these locally. I ordered them thru a school sell and had I known how good they were, I would've ordered more than one bucket! They are truly scrumptous! Keep up the good work! Four stars is'nt enough! Veda
  • Just baked your Chocolate Chunk cookies. DELICIOUS!!! They taste like home made. Purchased them thru a school fund raiser. Will buy more soon. Gloria

Rocky Road BrowniesRocky Road Brownies

  • We ordered some brownies through a fundraiser - Rocky Road Brownies - and would like to order some more. Please let me know if we can do this.
  • I recently purchased your frozen Rocky Road Brownies Thaw n' Serve dessert from a school fund raiser. It was delicious. I would like to purchase them again, but I do not see them listed in your Shop Online section. Can you help?

Classic CollectionClassic Collection

  • Not so long ago some girls at the local high school had a fundraiser. I purchased the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (the best I've ever had, might I add!!) and blue berry muffins. Well needless to say the muffins didn't last long, and I was looking into getting some more. I was kind of disappointed not to see them on your site! Please tell me you still sell them, I would LOVE to order more, (and I will probably get more cookies too!!!) ;) Well - thanks much!
  • My husband brought home your cookie doughs and the kids loved baking them. He said got them from a fund-raising drive at the hospital where he worked. Do you offer these on-line too? Meldy


  • I am a Director of a Childcare Center and I am interested in finding out information about having a fundraiser for our school, using your products. I heard from one of our parents that they had recently purchased your products via a fundraiser and they were excellent quality, and that they had heard the fundraising profit portion for the organization they purchased from was excellent. Please contact me with information about fundraising. Thanks.